Paint Peels in Colorado Sunshine 

Today’s post is the last article in our Colorado Sunshine series. The past three weeks we have discussed what sunshine can do to your paint! So far, we talked about fading, chalking and blistering paint. Today’s blog focuses on peeling paint. First, how to identify peeling paint and then what to do about it. Constant upkeep is critical to maintain any property. You must know what to look for in order to prevent exterior damage.

The Colorado climate can be harsh on painted exteriors. Sunshine has a lot of benefits but also drawbacks. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays from the sun can cause a lot of damage. Imagine a sunburn. When you are in the sun without a protective layer like sunscreen you burn. After a burn, your skin starts to peel off. The same thing can happen to paint. Constant exposure to UV rays can cause paint to peel off. Paint that starts to peel is no longer protecting your property. Paint is your properties protective coating from the elements. Without a proper layer of paint, a building can start to weather and decay from water damage.

Why is My Paint Peeling?

Colorado Sunshine Causes Four Painting Problems: Peeling

Peeling paint can happen for many reasons. For example, blistering left unmaintained will start to peel. The bubbles that form from the sun’s heat  crack open and slough off. Peeling paint can also happen from moisture exposure and adhesion loss. Repeated exposure to water from for example a leaky roof, can get under the paint. Once under the paint moisture will peel the paint away from the surface. This type of adhesion loss also occurs if a surface is painted when dirty. Or if an enclosed area of paint like that under a porch builds up contaminates. Lack of adhesion can also occur when painting a glossy surface or metal if not properly prepped. Once your property has been exposed to the sun for too long it enters into a vicious cycle. Painting is crucial to preserve the integrity of your property and maintain its look. A painting professional will properly apply paint to prevent peeling.

How to Fix Peeling Paint

To fix peeling paint you must use a wire brush or paint scraper to remove all of the paint in the peeling area. Once removed all cracks or holes should be repaired. Then you can sand, clean, prime and finally paint the area. It’s a big process and best left to a painting professional. Peeling paint that is not fixed properly will continue to occur. In the end you will end up spending more time and money trying to fix a problem that could happen again if you don’t know what you are doing. At Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting, we can handle any painting problem. We can turn what feels like an overwhelming project into an easy fix.

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